Medicare Supplement Plans can cover some of the expenses not covered under your Original Medicare Part A and Part B. There are different plans which are sold by the private insurance companies. The plans are A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M & N.


Plan A offers the basic benefits and the benefits keep increasing as you go up each letter. However, all the insurance companies offer the same kind of benefits for their policies of the same letter. That means Plan A of one company will offer the same benefits as Plan A of another company.


This rule is not applicable in three states – Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. These states have different rules for Medicare Supplement Plans.




All the ten plans offer 100% hospital costs for additional 365 days over and above what the Original Medicare gives.


Part B coinsurance is covered by all these ten plans at least to a certain limit. The first three pints of blood for medical procedures, which is not covered by the Original Medicare, is covered by the ten plans. Apart from this these ten plans also offer the coinsurance for hospice care under Part A.


The above three are covered fully in all plans except Plan K and Plan L. Plan K covers 50% of the charges while Plan L covers 75% of the charges.

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Five other benefits are covered differently by the different plans. The skilled nursing care coinsurance is covered differently by these plans. Part A deductible, Part B deductible, and Part B excess charges are also covered in different ways. Another benefit that finds coverage to be different is the foreign travel emergency.


There are certain things that are not covered by the Medicare Supplement Plans. Routine dental or vision care is not covered. Long stay in a nursing home is also denied benefits. Private duty nursing is also not covered. Hearing aids and eyeglasses also don’t find a place among the covered items.


You will have to find a different insurance to cover the above items or pay from your pocket.


Prescription drugs are also not covered by the Medicare Supplement Plans. To get this coverage you will have to enroll in the Medicare Part D plan.


Though Medicare Supplement Plans do not cover everything, they offer a good list of items that we will normally need. It covers a lot of expense that Original Medicare doesn’t cover.