4- Health Benefits of Water in the Body

Have you ever wondered why water is regarded as the most important component in the body? Well, this article will give you all the knowledge you need about the health benefits of water in your life.

A human body weight is made up of 80% fluid most of it being water. Health is defined as the quality of life in terms of your body’s well-being. If you are a retiree, Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 can help you maintain your health. If 80% of your body is fluid them it means water is essential for your health. All the major body systems depend on water to function.

Functions of Water in the Body

Water keeps your body hydrated for a smooth functioning of your organs. Here are important functions of water in your body that you should know.

Water helps to keep your body hydrated

The major systems in the body require water for a smooth functioning. Water helps in moistening body tissues. For example, your joints need to be lubricated, you breath need to be moist, your eyes need to be moist and almost all body organs need to water to be moist all the time.

Water helps to regulate temperature

Your body regulates temperature by sweating. When it’s extremely hot, your body will release water from spores on your skin and help cool the body. When it is extremely cold, your body will try to speed metabolism process to release heat in the body. This process will make you visit bathrooms to relieve yourself more often than normal.

Water helps in the digestion system

The whole digestion process needs water. Water will help transport food throughout the digestion process. Digestion starts in the mouth where the food is mixed with saliva which has important enzymes to start digestion process. Saliva is made up of water.

Water will help to transport minerals and nutrients after digestion to various body parts which enable body parts to function. Water will also prevent constipation during excretion.

Improve your blood quality

Water is the main component of the blood. Blood is life, you are deemed to die is you lack blood in your body. Taking a lot of water will improve the quality of your blood and keep you healthy. Blood helps to transport minerals all over the body. It also helps in ensuring oxygen reaches all parts of the body.

If you have very thick blood, it will be difficult for the blood to perform these important body functions smoothly. Consequently, you will develop complications and other diseases from this. One of the symptoms of a thick blood is a headache. If you normally experience frequent headaches you should start taking a lot of water frequently.

You need to take adequate water to replace the water lost during normal body functions. Water is lost in various ways which include breathing, sweating, passing of the urine, bowel movement, salivating and bleeding.